DTG White Ink PreTreat - 1 Liter
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DTG White Ink PreTreat - 1 Liter
    DTG White Ink PreTreat - 1 Liter
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    DTG White Ink PreTreat - 1 Liter

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    DTG White Ink Pre-Treatment for dark garments is a large part of the solution for being able to print on dark colored, cotton garments with your DTG printer. The White Ink Pre-Treatment comes in liter bottles and works with the White ink. Good results can be achieved through the use of a HVLP sprayer for proper application. This product works well with our Bright V02 Textile inks.

    Important to know...this product will separate while sitting in the bottle. There is very little you can do to stop this process unless you had a mechanical mixer. DO NOT try to shake back into consistency, as it will only upset the product. You will never get the Pretreat to go back into suspension by shaking. The product is designed to withstand this separation. Your end results will NOT suffer. There is enough of the needed ingredients in the liquid to allow your inks to print properly. Simply pour off the liquid as needed, keeping the solids at the bottom of the bottle. Trust me.

    Do NOT use within the DTG ink cabinet.
    That would be a mistake.


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    Great Product
    Pretreatment for White Ink - Always needed!
    John Winn
    Cotton White Pretreatment
    Product works but it is very expensive for the coverage it yeilds