MagnetFrame - Complete Set
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MagnetFrame - Complete Set
    MagnetFrame - Complete Set

    MagnetFrame - Complete Set

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    The MagFrame is one of the most exciting products created for your embroidery business.

    This embroidery machine attachment kit works with a single MagFrame that has various Magnet Windows. These windows allow you to 'hoop' or 'clamp' an item on your embroidery machine without the need for traditional hooping. You can use it with any backing (or no backing). You can also hoop items directly on your machine, without having to hoop them and move them from a table to your equipment. Amazing advantages the MagFrame will bring to your embroidery business. The MagFrame is the solution for machines with a 14" hoop space. Your embroidery machine's hooping area must be capable of setting up at 14" wide.

    1. No more hoop-burn because magnets hold items, not friction. 
    2. No backing limitations. Eliminate sticky sprays and backings
    3. Like sticky sprays and backings? You can still use them when desired. 
    4. Use as a sticky backing frame with or without the magnet topper. 
    5. Heavy duty magnets have a VERY strong hold!
    6. 8 window options including a micro 1" wide frame for topping those tiny items. 


    The MagFrame is the combination of many things people have been asking for in one simple to use, and affordable kit!  

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    Machine Compatibility:

    • AvancĂ© 1501
    • AvancĂ© 1502 w/ 14' hoop spacing
    • GS1501
    • Tajima
    • Toyota
    • SWF
    • Ricoma
    • Inbro
    • Brother (15-needle, NOT single-needle, NOT 6-needle)
    • Renaissance
    • Redline
    • Happy
    • Highland

    Note: Not designed for carhartt or other ultra thick and heavy items.


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