Embroidery Grip - 4 & 6 Head Avance
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Part #: EMB-GRIP-Multi-needle-Avance
Embroidery Grip - 4 & 6 Head Avance
    Embroidery Grip - 4 & 6 Head Avance
    Part #: EMB-GRIP-Multi-needle-Avance

    Embroidery Grip - 4 & 6 Head Avance

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    4 & 6 Head Avancè



    Our Embroidery Grip / Universal Clamping System enables you to grip and hold those elusive products that defy typical tubular hooping methods. 

    Embroidery nirvana can be reached by clamping SHOES, BACKPACKS, LUGGAGE, FLOPPY HATS, SOFT-SIDED COOLERS, BOOTS, PURSES, CAR DOORS... well, maybe not Car Doors, CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS, BELTS, NECKTIES, DOG LEADS and COLLARS, the list is long and endless. 

    Maximum embroidery area: 3 1/2" X 6 1/2" 
    Easily adjustable clamping arms range from 1" wide out to 6 1/2" wide. 

    Installation is easy: The Embroidery Grip / Universal Clamping System mounts just like your machine's hoop, it slides directly into your machine's hooping frame. Instructions for usage are included in the box, simple set up in minutes. 

    • Avancé 4 & 6 Head Machines
    • Other commercial units with 15.5" arm spacing

    This is sold as a single unit, multiple units would need to be purchased for multiple heads. 

    Kit includes base Embroidery Grip + arm attachments for multihead units.

    IMPORTANT: As with ALL hoops, frames, and clamping devices, PLEASE be careful before placing the Colman Embroidery Grip into operation. Damage can occur if precautions are not followed. If Gripping a heavy item, support the item just as you would when using your typical machine hoop.

    One year warranty against manufacturers defects.

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