Occupations - Volume 3
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Part #: AI-Occupations-V3
Occupations - Volume 3
    Occupations - Volume 3
    Part #: AI-Occupations-V3

    Occupations - Volume 3

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    Occupations Volume 3 is a great trade and occupation volume. This volume is excellent for anyone that has many trade and small business related customers. This volume features a simple and bold style of art, including military, firefighting, police, construction, vehicles, tools and much more. With hundreds of occupational images, you will be able to satisfy all of your customers.

    Over 1100 Vectored EPS Images
    Hundreds of Military, Fire, & Police
    Hundreds of Vehicles, Tools, & Trades

    Contents/Categories of Book:
    Vehicles, Tools, Workers
    Military, Fire, Police
    People, Family, Characters
    Medical & Dental
    Animals, Activities
    Food, Icon, & Miscellaneous Bonus

    NOTE: You MUST have a graphics program in order to use this software: eg. CorelDraw9 or higher, Illustrator, Freehand, etc.



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