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The USB Linker - SWF Compact is the means to take your out-of-date machine technology into the 21st century. Embroidery machines have never kept up with the changes in the I/T industry - but now you can!

Computers are not supporting floppy disks any longer, and floppy disk drives are practically obsolete. This unit can help you add USB capability while still being able to use the floppy disk with your current embroidery machine.

Floppy disks hold only 430,000 stitches, while a 256K USB can hold 83 million stitches.
Hook this up to your SWF machine and never let a large file size limit you again.
Comes with a 4GB flash drive. BTW, do not use a flash-drive larger than 4GB, as it will not work.

Works for your Compact SWF - 601C, 1201C, 1501C - Series A or B.

For Series C (ALL multi-heads)- use the USB Linker-STANDARD unit

Some FAQ's to help you understand the product:

How can I be certain if my SWF machine is a 'Standard' or a 'Compact'? The 'Compact' machines are closer to 23-26" wide, while 'Standard' machines are at least 45-48" wide.

Can the USB Linker show images or simply text?
Both actually, up to eight characters of text plus a pixelated image of the chosen design, if desired.

Can the USB Linker connect my computer to the embroidery machine via a USB cable? NO, it uses the USB-Flash-Drive to input files into the embroidery machine.

How can the files be saved in the USB-Flash-Drive? You are able to create numerous 'folders' on the flash drive allowing for faster access to a clients file.

The USB Linker comes with a one year warranty.

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